About Us

The Center for Hazara Nation is an independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization comprised of caring individuals who would like to end the genocide and human right violations towards the Hazara people.  To ensure our independence and maintaining high standards, we do not accept funds, directly or indirectly, from any governments or any private funders that would compromise our mission and independence.  Similarly, we do not embrace or promote any religious views and maintain neutrality in the current armed conflict in Afghanistan. We do, however, work with local and international civil societies to maximize our impact.  

Our Vision

The Center for Hazara Nation is a world network of outstanding individuals aimed at fostering research, discussion, advocacy, and collaboration among Hazaras and the world community at large to address important global issues such as the political upheaval and sectarian conflict in Afghanistan.  To achieve this end, we build coalitions for change and promote informed discussion on sustainable, coherent and stable Central Asia.  We also report on violations of international human rights in the region in an effort to draw attention to abuses and pressure the local governments towards reform.

Our Mission

Our mission is to address the interests and needs of the Hazara communities throughout the world by:

  • Collaborating with all peoples to promote peace, liberty and justice
  • Organizing and promoting informed discussion on the plight of Hazaras in Afghanistan and abroad
  • Strengthening unity among Hazara communities scattered throughout the world
  • Acting in coordination with and on behalf of Hazara communities before local and international authorities on matters concerning the Hazara people
  • Promote and preserve the cultural and social heritage of the Hazara People