15 Best Business Ideas for Teens to Start 2023

What are the best business ideas for teens?

The truth is, a teenager can start almost any business an adult can. Today we are going to discuss some teenage business ideas that you can start right away.

Many of the suggestions have low costs and resources needed. Some of the ideas require no funding, which makes it easier to finance your operations.

Young people today want to do more meaningful work, and I think that is awesome!

Here is 15 Best Business Ideas for Teens to Start

Without further ado, here’s the list!

  1. Transcribing
    Transcribing is documenting what is said during a meeting. Plenty of businesses need this service, and NYtimes Wirecutter found that humans are still better than AI at transcribing.

Combine both a human and AI in your business to help you serve multiple clients at once.

Transcription may be a slowing field due to technology, but if you know how to leverage the technology, it can be a great business for teenagers.

  1. Blogging
    Anyone can blog. You just have to find something you enjoy writing about. This is near the top of business ideas for teens because you can start blogging on sites like Medium for free.

How do you make money blogging though?

There are a few ways:

Freelancing through Upwork and other sites.
Use Affiliate links and get commissions based on referrals.
Earn crypto by blogging on Publish0x.
Allow Google to sell ads on your site.

  1. Web Design
    Web design can be a fun way for teens to make money. There are a ton of small business owners who aren’t the most tech-savvy. help the older generations out and develop the skills for one of the fastest-growing careers in the U.S.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the need for web design to grow by 13%, and average wages are over $77k. Wages are typically less than 1/3 of a business revenue, so that means a business could make over $225k/designer.

  1. Proofreader
    Another good business for teens is becoming a proofreader. There are plenty of students who need help making sure their grammar is correct. Your clients are convenient to you. You’ll find them amongst the kids at your high school or college.

Students might not have the most money, but your social network will grow as students become professionals and need other quality control jobs performed. Keep reading for more business ideas for teenagers.

  1. Tech consulting
    If you are great with computers, tech consulting can be an easy business for teens to start. Tech consultants can earn money through affiliate marketing and by advising people on the best way to achieve their desired results.

My brother started getting Apple certifications in his teens, and by the time he reached his 30s he was one of the most highly certified Apple network admins around and had helped companies like Electronic Arts and Intel integrate Macs with Microsoft to work seamlessly.

Check out this list of top 100 software companies and find one you are interested in. Businesses are definitely looking for help with implementing software more efficiently and effectively.

  1. Graphic Design
    Graphic design is another easy business to start as a teenager. Graphic design is focused on creating artwork and product information for businesses including:

Product packaging
Marketing materials
To find out more about different types of graphic design businesses, check out the blog 8 Types of Graphic Design.

Kids tend to start developing a skill in the arts before they ever go to school. As a teenager, you’ll want to have some spending money. Graphic design can be a fun way to make money and prepare you for college and a career

  1. Cleaning Service
    One of the easiest business ideas to make money is cleaning people’s houses.

Almost anybody with a job and kids needs help keeping their home clean. Young people can start a small business by using the cleaning products at their parents’ homes and offering their services on social media.

If you are over 18, you can also use sites like bark.com and housekeeper.com to find clients. Check out our interview with Austin from Spruse Clean to learn how he makes $62k/mo.

  1. Photography
    Photography is another business idea that offers career opportunities for teens. As a photographer, you’ll be taking pictures of people or products. The two types of photography that tend to have the highest booking fees are product photography and wedding photography.

My significant other started Raising Daisy Photography with a Nikon D300 and built up to a NikonD750 in about a year. I will warn you, you will be investing in a lot of equipment because each camera lens has a different purpose. I would suggest renting lenses before you buy any new lenses.

  1. Greeting Card Writer

Another business idea that creative teens can turn into a small business is as a greeting card writer. They can sell their own greeting cards through sites like Shopify using print-on-demand company Card Isle. Alternatively, you can try freelancing for Hallmark.

Don’t try to send them unsolicited card ideas though. I get the feeling the movie Mr. Deeds made it where they refuse to accept them. Check out why below.

  1. Handmade Jewelry
    If you like arts and crafts, many small businesses find success in making their own jewelry.

This consists of buying the raw materials for the jewelry and turning it into a piece of jewelry. Then you can sell them online or at craft fairs. 10times has a list of almost 25,000 events in the US.

  1. Podcasts
    Podcasts are an interesting online business. Podcasts are focused on discussing subjects that interest you. You’ll need a webcam, recording software (I prefer OBS), and microphones.

Podcasts generate revenue through a variety of methods. Check out this blog on some of the ways to monetize your podcast.

  1. Tutoring
    If you are good at math, science, or other subjects, tutoring can make great money helping students who are struggling. Most tutors will charge $25/hour, but some may be able to get rates up to $80/hr.

You can find clients at your school, or you can try offering your services on sites like tutors.com once you turn 18. What better way to start a business than to help others succeed?

  1. Babysitting
    Every family with kids will need a babysitter occasionally. Whether they need someone every day, weekly, or once a month, you can start a business babysitting and make money watching the kids.

Ask your parents to tell their friends, print up some business cards and leave them at places you frequent, and check on social media for people looking for help.

Finding clients shouldn’t be too hard. Almost everyone I know has babysat at some point in their life.

  1. Social media influencer
    When it comes to marketing, social media influencers are the new celebrities.

They can reach millions of people with just one TV show or one tweet. The only thing that you need to do is become one and businesses will hire you to promote their products.

Influencers on social media are not just people who have a ton of followers. They are usually people who have something valuable to offer on their channels, whether it be their creativity or their expertise in some topic.

Start sharing more about the things you love, post regularly, and build your following.

  1. Pet sitting
    In the pet sitting industry, people are required to care for animals in someone else’s home or property. Pet sitters should have experience with animals and a passion for caring for them.

They should also be responsible and trustworthy. In order to get started, you should start by signing up to be a pet sitter on websites such as Rover or Wag.

These websites will then help connect you with people looking for a pet sitter in your area.

It’s not just a matter of hanging out with cats and dogs while their owners are away. It requires proper knowledge about animal behavior, nutrition, exercise, and basic first aid skills.

This is not an easy job, but it can provide numerous business opportunities for teens who want to make some cash while enjoying the company of furry friends.

Check out an interview we did with a pet sitter to learn more.