In May 2020, Mayor Sheldon Greeley announced that employees of the city of Flint will be excused from city council meetings after 9 p.m., and now that rule will be enforced.

The mayor’s office said city employees and staff are being subjected to unreasonable work conditions that include “egregious and abusive behaviour toward them personally and professionally”.

“City council’s ability to manage meetings that limit the scope of debate when conversations shift off topic or become repetitive has not evolved, instead, it has gotten worse,” Greeley said.

The city administrator will now excuse department heads and other city employees from city council meetings at 9 p.m.

“City council meetings start as early as 4:30 p.m. and most times last into the early morning hours of the next calendar day, impede on staff members’ ability to serve residents the following day rested and fully alert, and impacting their mental health and well-being,” the mayor’s office said.

Greeley hopes the decision will hold city council members accountable.

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