Content creation has become a popular profession these days. People are uploading creative, cool, and unique content on YouTube for earning revenue. It is actually a great way of earning lots of money.

There was a time when people don’t know how to make money on YouTube but now everybody knows about it. People are also earning money from it. Approximately 300 hours of videos have been uploaded on YouTube every single minute. It has become like other professional jobs or businesses.

Every day somebody new searches on Google on how to Upload on YouTube or How to make money on YouTube. Well, Today, we will discuss how we can upload videos on YouTube from our PC, mobile and direct YouTube apps.

How to Upload Videos on YouTube from your PC

Uploading videos on YouTube from your PC is the easiest thing ever. Actually most people do it because they edit videos on their desktop or laptop. Export it and upload the final output to YouTube.

There are a few steps to upload videos from your PC. They are

Copy your video footage from the camera and Edit a proper video

The first thing you need to copy all the video footage to your computer and edit a proper video to upload on YouTube. If you know video editing then it is good but if you don’t know then there are hundreds of tools online that can help you to edit your videos. It can be free or paid.

Login to Your YouTube Channel

To upload a video you need to access your YouTube channel which is associated with a specific Gmail account. So, log in to your account first. If you want to have multiple YouTube channels, you can also do that with a single email. You can add up to 50 YouTube channels to a particular Gmail account.

Click Upload

When you have accessed on your YouTube account, you will see a camera sign on the top right side of your screen. Click on it. Then you will see two features like Upload video and Go live.

As you want to upload a video, so choose the first one. If you want to start a live video session, choose the second one.

Choose the desired file to Upload

When you click upload video, you will redirect to a page where you will see an instruction to upload your video. Click on it and select the video you want to upload on YouTube. Select the video and click open.

You will see the video will start uploading. Add the required information like video title, description, etc.

YouTube supports some specific video formats. So, while you are uploading a video make sure that you have exported the video in the correct format.

Change Video Privacy settings from Public to Unlisted

While uploading a video, make sure that you have changed the video privacy from Public to Unlisted. It will make your video private. So that you can change any information before making it visible to the public.

Choose a thumbnail

A thumbnail is the most important factor while you are uploading a video on YouTube. It will create the first impression of your video. So choose a thumbnail for your video. You can select it from your video footage or add a custom thumbnail for your video.

Advanced settings

Make sure you have checked all the advanced settings like copyright, caption, and subtitle, disable or enable video comments, etc.

Make privacy to the Public

As soon as you are done with all the changes, make your video private to the public.


Finally, you are done with uploading your video. So hit save and share your video with your friends and family.





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