MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — A cab driver, gunned down on the job. Word of his death is sending chills throughout the taxi industry in Milwaukee.

The murder of Iran Shahs happened more than a week ago.

Police have said very little about the case as they work to find a killer.

Shahs came to the U.S. more than 10 years ago to find a better life.

“He was the supporter of his family, you know, he supported his parents, he supported his wife, kids, you know,” said friend and coworker Unaware Haman.

At Yellow Cab, the two became friends, but more like brothers.

“He was my best, best buddy,” said Haman. “Even though most people didn’t pronounce his real name, so we called him Julie, you know, his nickname.”

On Saturday, Oct. 2, Shahs started his night shift outside Amtrak at the inter modal, while on the phone with a friend.

“The guy said he wanted to go to N. 18th Street. After that, his phone disconnected and he called three, four times after that and he never picked up the phone,” said Haman.

Police found Shah’s body in an alley behind 18th and Walnut.

Hours later, they discovered his cab on fire at 60th and Silver Spring.

“The drivers, they don’t want to work the night,” said Ali Mohammed, of Yellow Cab Milwaukee Co-op. “Yes, they are afraid.”

Shahs worked for Ali Mohammed.

“I will ask every driver to be careful, and I hope they will find who did this and he will face justice,” said Mohammed.

Shahs was in the process of bringing his wife and three children to the U.S. from Pakistan, where friends say he used to play hockey.

There is now a groundsmen set up to help his grieving family.

“They don’t have any insurance, covered life insurance or anything, so anything will help his family,” said Mohammed.

“We lost very nice friend, very good buddy, still really sad, nobody want to go to work,” said Haman.

Milwaukee police say Shahs was shot to death.

They’re continuing to seek leads in the case.

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