(WFSB) – Stores across Connecticut are struggling to fill shelves. Residents and store owners are concerned about what this means for the holiday season.

Danny Diaz, a co-owner of CTown in Meriden, says that less and less product is coming into the store. What products they can get in, are getting more and more expensive.

“The distributors that sell to us send us a letter every week of price increases of this product or this product,” says Diaz.

As a result, he needs to raise his prices. As the holiday is near, Diaz fears he won’t have enough products to sell. That could mean a more expensive holiday meal this year.

Tao Lu, an assistant professor at the Department of Operations and Information Management at the University of Connecticut, explains why the product is tough to get.

Lu explains, “There are major congestions in our ports, like the long beach in Los Angeles, there are a lot of container ships getting stuck.”

Lu says that ship congestion is a big reason why the product is not making it to store shelves. Stores like CTown depend heavily on out-of-the-country food Lu explains. When a ship does arrive, the supply chain is once again broken by a low number of truck drivers.

The food section is not the only part of a store hit by a lack of product.

David Sacco, a Finance, Economics, Management, and Entrepreneurship instructor at the University of New Haven, says gifts may be hard to get as well.

“People will have to settle on getting not what they want to get as gifts but what’s available, and what they can get, and that should probably help local retailers temporarily,” says Sacco.

Diaz says that he is ordering a lot of products now to store in his warehouse to prepare for the holiday season.

Professors say that these issues will be temporary.

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