ALPHARETTA, Ga. (CBS46) — A stray pig is causing quite a stir in a local Alpharetta neighborhood as community members and law enforcement band together to catch the slippery critter.

In a must-see video, neighbors can be seen forming a circle around the pig as it wiggles its way to freedom. The speedy creature can be seen zigzagging from police and residents with nets, even making a mark on the community’s Nextdoor App.

One resident tells CBS46 that he was actually able to catch it.

“When the pig ran from me, it actually went into a person’s house. We tried to get it inside the house,” says Matthew Banta, “but it went back outside, and I chased it, and got it to stop for just a second and I was able to grab it.”

However, Banta says he wasn’t able to hold it for long, and it was able to escape once again.

“It felt like an hour and a half, but it was more like 5 to 10 minutes.” Says Banta, “I was praying and hoping that someone would come to help me with this little ball of power.”

So how do you catch it?

First, you’ll want to be as quiet as possible to avoid alerting the animal of your presence. When approaching the pig, use a soothing voice and secure the animal behind its neck and through its front two legs. You’ll want to have a rope on hand to tie the critter so it doesn’t get away.

For this Alpharetta neighborhood, the search continues. CBS46 will have updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.


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