COLLIER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Graphic details were released about the suspect in a deadly shooting in Collier Township.

Investigators say the suspect, Eric Kortz, shot the postal worker believing he poisoned him and his family with cyanide when they were neighbors.


According to court paperwork, Kortz told investigators he found Louis Vignone on his mail route, then “went to put some bullets in him” before dropping his gun, getting in his van, and driving to the Carnegie Police Department to turn himself in.

Kortz is charged with the murder of a United States employee and is also facing a firearm charge. He appeared before a federal judge virtually Thursday afternoon.

It was just after 10:00 a.m. Thursday when the shooting happened on Columbia Avenue near the intersection with Suburban Avenue in Collier Township.

Neighbors tell KDKA they heard multiple gunshots and saw a van leaving the area. Someone called 911 and when police arrived they found the mail carrier dead.


Officials say he was shot multiple times, including in the head.

Neighbors tell us they’re shocked and heartbroken.

“It’s just bizarre to me that someone would have the motivation to travel with intent and it doesn’t make any sense to me. There were never any disturbances at the house. It was quiet. He always said hello and goodbye to me,” said Sheila Kirkpatrick, a neighbor.

Other neighbors tell KDKA, that Vignone was well-loved, friendly, and looking to retire after this Winter.

As for Kortz, he will stay behind bars until his preliminary hearing, which is October 12th.

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