Scrums had been replaced by a play-the-ball for the awarded team across the line

Scrums have been approved by the Rugby Football League board as safe to return to both professional and community rugby league from 2022.

The group heard vaccination rates at elite level are expected to be around a satisfactory 85% by the end of 2021.

Scrums have been suspended in rugby league since the Super League restarted in the summer of 2020.

However, the relaxation of isolation measures for vaccinated people has reduced the number of close contacts.

Also recommended to be tweaked for 2022 are the ball steal law and the protocol around injured players.

The change to the ball steal ruling relates to the 2021 change in line with the Australian National Rugby League, where a tackler can strip the ball after a multi-player tackle as long as the supporting tacklers break beforehand.

Now, any ‘gang-tackle’ automatically rules out the option of a one-on-one ball-steal regardless of the peel away of tacklers – as it did up to 2020.

Players will also be required to leave the field with any injury for treatment, under the new recommendations.

This has been prompted by complaints about stoppages and delays breaking the flow of games and extending the length of matches.

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